Are You Ready To Become A Star?

Starlent is a Platform for Aspiring Girls to Become Famous.
Aspiring Girls Build Fans By Doing Modeling and Talent Activities.
Your Success is Based on Support From Your Fans!
Receive Virtual Gifts (Money) from Fans and Sponsorship Opportunities from Businesses.


Who is Starlent?
Starlent is a startup venture currently based in Japan. Our mission is to help Aspiring Girls become famous by building fans, and provide a marketing/advertising channel for sponsors.
Is Starlent a modeling agency?
Starlent is a not a "traditional/general" modeling agency, which only limits activities to preparing a portfolio and then wait for assignments from clients.
How is Starlent different from a modeling agency?
Starlent goes beyond that to provide Aspiring Girls a platform to build fans, and thus generating opportunities for sponsors market/sell products to her fans. In addition to just modeling activities, Starlent provide opportunities for talent activities such as singing and acting.
How does Starlent help Aspiring Girls build fans?
Starlent helps you in make-up and dressing you up pretty, take photos/videos. We then do final editing on the works, and publishing to public to reach out to fans. Starlent provides a complete system (SNS) to let fans to follows you and track your success. The more fans you have, the more famous you become and more monetization opportunities.
Are my fans limited only to Japan, or worldwide?
Starlent is a global platform fo you to build fans. Your fans will reach beyond Japan and in many other countries as well.
What are the countries you're hiring Aspiring Girls?
Starlent is hiring Aspring Girls from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Greater China.
Is Starlent a dating service?
No, Starlent is not a dating service. To preserve your privacy, your contact information are never revealed to fans or sponsors. Fans and sponsors will never contact you directly.
What are the criteria/condition to join Starlent?
Starlent is looking for girls who possess self-confidence. If you're already scouting a been given a introduction code, you're basically already pre-selected. Don't hesitate and submit the application form immediately! If you have not been scouted but found us through other sources, we are also looking forward to your application. So, apply as soon as possible!
Do I need to be able to sing well and/or act well in order to join Starlent?
Not necessary. We have a set of activities for you to build fans and get sponsors without needing to sing or act. However, if you can also sing an act, we will plan additional talent activities for you as well!
What is my career path if I become successful with Starlent?
You'll have many fans and become famous. And, because of the fans you have, sponsors will advertise/market products through you to your fans. That means, you'll not only become famous but also become rich.
Is Starlent another AKB48 or similar band group?
No. AKB48 is a singing band group. If you cannot sing well, Starlent can still help you become famous.

Become Famous

First, apply to become a Star. It's easy!
After you have been selected, Starlent will contact you for an interview.
Autidion & Photo/Video Session
If you pass the interview, Starlent will notify you for an audition, photography and videography sessions. Starlent provides support for make-up, hairstyling and fashion styling.
Modeling & Talent Activities
Starlent will plan, organize and manage your modeling and talent activities.
Publicity & Fan Building
Starlent provide support for publicity, marketing and advertising to drive awareness to increase your fan base.
Apply to Become a Star Now!